Sunday, February 2, 2014

3 Redbox Super Bowl commercials you won't see during today's game.

Super Bowl advertising continues to be a hot commodity.  For the second straight year, a half minute spot costs about $4 million.  

Most small business owners can only dream of generating $4 million in income, let alone spending $4 million on 30 seconds of airtime not to mention the cost of creative.

As big Redbox fans we would love to see a Redbox Super Bowl commercial. Here's why: A research paper published in 2004 suggested that "Super Bowl promoted movies grossed nearly 40 percent more than non-Super Bowl promoted movie."  It's not too much of a stretch to think Super Bowl advertising could move the needle on movie rental sales as well.

Conceptualizing a creative commercial that engages an audience and delivers a relevant memorable message is no simple feat.  This year represents the 30th anniversary of what many consider to be the most successful and memorable Super Bowl ad ever, the 1984 Apple introduction of the Macintosh.  Check out this Forbes article 12 Lessons in Creativity from the Greatest Super Bowl Ad ever.  
Just creating a unique commercial isn't enough as a company that stretches the limits of imagination may find their commercial banned by the networks.  (See the 20 Banned Super Bowl commercials that didn't air).
So while there needs to be a balance between creativity and poor execution, here are our top 3 creative ideas for a Redbox commercial during Super Bowl 2015. 

1.  "The Browser".  Man stands leisurely in front of Redbox kiosk browsing movies while a line of 8 people form behind him.  One couple waiting decides to make out given they cant wait to get a room.  One person waiting sets up a cot to take a nap.  Elderly woman sets up a folding chair and starts knitting.  Paul Rudd shows up and recommends to browsing man his latest comedy. Ultimately the man is eaten my a starving 1,400 pound bear that wanders by.  Voice over describes new benefits of reserving online.

2.  "The Toddler".  Inspired by eTrade commercials, toddler is seen reserving Redbox movies online using an iPad , going with her mom to the kiosk and showing her how its so easy to just swipe and leave.  Voice over describes new benefits for reserving online.

3.  "Forces of Nature".   Opening shot is of woman lying in bed.  All of a sudden her eyes open wide and she screams.  You see her running around her house putting on clothes with random stuff flying everywhere. Cut to her driving her car running red lights and swerving around baby strollers.  It starts to rain, then snow with lots of wind.  You see her rushing up to the kiosk as she looks at her watch turn to 9:01PM, when a voice over describes a new flexible return time policy.

So if you're a small business like txtMovies and don't have $4 million in your marketing budget, we have a Super Deal for you but hurry as it ends when Super Bowl 2014 does.  Click here for more details.