Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Success Story: Pear

( is a trusted community marketplace for people to find sponsors for their group or events. Sponsors include national brands and local businesses who value community involvement and typically are already sponsoring groups and events.  Pear makes it easy for businesses to manage those sponsorships.

Their challenge
Pear was interested in getting a minimum of 500 survey responses from their community of sponsor seekers. They sought a cost effective way to capture the attention of millenials, a segment that is traditionally difficult to motivate.

Their solution
Pear used txtMovies as a survey incentive promoting that the first 500 respondents would receive a free Redbox (tm) Movie Rental. Operationally, Pear redirected their survey to a txtMovies landing page after the survey taker completed the survey.  On the txtMovie landing page, the respondent entered their mobile number and received a Redbox Code via text message (SMS).  The Code could be redeemed at any of the 35,000+ Redbox locations nationwide.

"Consumer feedback is a top priority for our team at Pear. txtMovies helped us quickly collect over 700 quality responses. The RedBox incentive was universally attractive to our respondents and turned our survey into a mutually beneficially value exchange. The txtMovies team provided personal and timely support throughout the process to ensure we had a successful experience."  - Jaymie Wahlen, Pear Community Manager
The Results
Pear's survey achieved their target response rate within 72 hours of launching the survey allowing the company to quickly analyze survey responses and make immediate improvements to their business.