Sunday, July 27, 2014

Patient Appreciation Events: MovieStar

When you're holding Patient Appreciation Day/Week/Month events, the goal your office should shoot for is fun.

Fun typically starts by engaging patients in a way where everyone can participate.  

Here's an simple but fun game everyone can play.  We call it 'MovieStar'.  

To play MovieStar, individual participants are asked to re-create a famous quote from a movie. Everyone else needs to guess the name of the character and name of the movie.

For example, "You can't handle the truth!"

Answer would be: Col. Jessup in A Few Good Men. 

Bonus points for naming the actor/actress that played the part. In this case Jack Nicholson.

Almost everyone has or knows a famous line ("I'll be back", "We're not in Kansas any more") but just in case they can be provided with a list of American Film Institute's Top Movie Quotes of All Time and perform one of those quotes.

Those that perform the quote receives a prize. We recommend a Redbox Movie Rental Code from txtMovies (only $1.99 each) as prizes because they're affordable and patients love watching movies. (Yes, we're very very biased!)

We've even had some offices play MovieStar during normal office visits as a way to spice up routine annual exams.  

If you need content for your social media accounts, try recording video of the patient performing the quote and post it facebook and twitter giving your followers something to talk about. But of course ask for permission first!

Stay tuned for more Patient Appreciation Event ideas in upcoming blog posts.

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