Thursday, August 21, 2014

Creating Added Value in Your Practice

Darden Restaurants' Olive Garden chain is running a unique promotion where they're giving away a Redbox movie with a "to go" entree.

Olive Garden's marketing experts will probably tell you that few people will specifically go into an Olive Garden just for the movie.

However they will also probably tell you that they expect customers to perceive they are getting more value for their hard earned dollar and that this added value makes it easier to justify eating out.

It's clear the goal of the promotion is to differentiate their restaurants and create added value.

What does this have to do with your practice? 

Ask yourself, 'How does my practice create added value'?

Some products naturally go together. Dinner and a movie is a combination that satisfies both hunger and entertainment.

When a patient walks out of your practice how do they feel?

You've probably satisfied their need to see correctly. That's valuable. What else do you do for them that satisfies their needs?

To create added value, let's ask that question a different way.  What can you give patients that will add value to seeing better, but not cost a lot of money?

Treating patients to a movie enables them to enjoy their new contacts and glassesThat's creating added value. You've now helped patients see better and highlighted the value of your services via entertainment.

For only $1.99 per movie, txtMovies will deliver to your patients a Redbox Movie Rental code via text message, email or tweet. It's a simple and affordable way to create added value.

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