Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Client Spotlight: City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

When the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services wanted to increase volunteer engagement, they knew they had to find a way to connect with their volunteers on a personal level.

With limited resources both financially and from a staffing perspective, they decided to use txtMovies' free Volunteer "Get To Know You" survey tool to quickly collect data from all of their volunteers. 

Here's an snippet of our conversation with Jeanne R. Saadi, Volunteer Coordinator for City of San Antonio Animal Care Services.

+txtMoviesPlease tell us about San Antonio Animal Care Services.

Jeanne: Animal Care Services is the municipal animal shelter in the San Antonio, Texas.  We encourage responsible pet ownership by promoting and protecting the health, safety and welfare of the residents and animals of San Antonio through education, enforcement and community partnership.

+txtMoviesHow will you use the information you collect from your volunteer surveys?

Jeanne: I sent the GTKY survey out to our active volunteers (almost 400 people) and am really enjoying getting to know a little more about them through their responses. 

I plan to use their responses to help bridge the staff-volunteer gap that often happens. I want the staff to understand better why our volunteers choose to spend their free time here and why the experience is so important to them. 

It’s also nice be able to personalize the volunteers more so, for example, if a staff member likes the same kinds of movies – they now have a reason to talk to that volunteer and get to know them better!

+txtMoviesYou've set up an account on txtMovies. How does txtMovies fit into your volunteer engagement/appreciation strategy?

Jeanne: We are excited about the opportunity to use the txtMovies to reward our Volunteers of the Month and stand-out individuals with a little something extra. We have some of the most generous, dedicated volunteers and they ask for nothing in return – but they deserve so much more! 

It will be nice to surprise them with a free movie for going above and beyond our expectations – which they do every day – and this reward program definitely fits our budget!

Update from Jeanne Saadi via Linkedin:

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