Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to Give Amazon Instant Videos as Gifts

It’s a well-known fact that Amazon is the undisputed leader in online shopping with over 1 million products available via 1 day shipping.

Less well known is that Amazon is quickly becoming the go to source for streaming of the newest movie releases and current TV shows all available on demand via its Amazon Instant Video service.
"For most movies, you'll see two prices: rent or buy (own). 
Rentals start at $2.99. If you rent, you'll have 30 days from when you rent to start watching, and once you start watching, most movies have a 24-hour window to finish watching. Once the rental is over, the movie will automatically disappear from Your Video Library.  
Buying a movie or TV show means you can watch it as many times as you want, now or later, subject to terms of use."
According to Amazon, instant streaming is available on the web, hundreds of TVs, cable set top boxes, Blu ray players, Amazon Fire TV, Fire HDX, Fire HD, iPad, PS3, Xbox, Wii, Wii U and Roku.

All of the videos whether rented or purchased are stored in your Amazon account in the Your Video Library, so you can access them anywhere you go.

With such a large library of digital content, it’s no wonder that many organizations would like to give the gift of Amazon Instant Video but according to this thread on Amazon's customer service site, there is no easy way to “gift” Amazon Instant Videos, at least until now….

Here’s how to easily give Amazon Instant Videos as a gift using txtMovies.

Step 1: Create a txtMovies account.

If you don’t already have a txtMovies account you’ll need to set one up and fund it with $5 Amazon gift cards. (If you’re already a txtMovies customer simply place a reorder for Amazon gift cards using the reorder link.)

Step 2: Find the Movie or TV show on Amazon.

Find the movie or TV show you want to send as a gift on Amazon and in the lower left beneath the image of the video click on the SHARE by Email icon. 

In the pop up window copy (highlight and CTRL~C) the movie title and link.

Step 3: Send your gift using txtMovies

Open your text movies account, select Amazon codes and enter the email or phone number of the recipient. Copy and paste the link to the movie or TV show in the Customize Your Message section with any message and click "Next" send the link and codes.

Once you've sent your gift, the recipient can redeem the Amazon gift codes in their Amazon account and rent or purchase the video(s).

It's that simple to send Amazon Instant Video gifts by text message or email. Using txtMovies to deliver the Amazon gift codes makes it easy to purchase and deliver gifts to multiple people at the same time.

About txtMovies
txtMovies is a leader in delivering Redbox and Amazon digital codes as a form of appreciation. Current clients include major universities (Ohio State, University of Michigan, University of Iowa), nonprofits (Livestrong Foundation, Code for America, Lifewater, State of North Carolina, Association of Fitness Studios), healthcare organizations/professionals (Children's Hospital of Orange County, Kaiser Permanente, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, family physicians), religious institutions, restaurants and market research companies.