Friday, May 6, 2016

How to Set Up Your Own Survey Incentives

A cost effective way to show gratitude.

Surveys attempting to generalize a population often suffer from a lack of data. With abysmal response rates for optional surveys, its hard to distinguish if participants truly represent the ideals of the larger group, or if they are just a vocal minority. Luckily, research has repeatedly shown how post-paid incentives can increase user response rates.

With a small token of gratitude, such as a $5.00 Amazon gift card, survey responsiveness can be boosted 36% as shown in a paper published in the Social Science Computer Review. Cash incentives are also effective, but the time involved with keeping a mailing list as well as organizing and sending every respondent mail can be complicated, as well as requiring significant time from your employees.

A food incentive is an easy way to motivate the hawk to travel through the maze (Joy Reo/ Wikicommons).

As much as input is appreciated and necessary, not every company or organization has the capital to spend too much rewarding their clients. In fact, two dollar incentives showed little increase in responsiveness over five dollar incentives.

However incentives should not only be cost effective, but simple. txtMovies provides an easy and affordable alternative to cash incentives. For $2.49, a Redbox movie code for a one day rental can be texted or emailed to a participant, customer, client or volunteer. txtMovies also offers a $5.00 Amazon eGift card (purchased for $5.95 each) that can be used for their Amazon Instant Video service or used as a credit on their Amazon account.

txtMovies ensures ease of access for any organization, allowing you to share your gratitude for your participants or clients in a thoughtful way. Any survey on the web can be incentivized with a custom link from txtMovies which can be put before or after your survey with a simple site redirect. txtMovies handles sending the movie rental code to your clients and gives you confirmation it was sent!

Sign up here, and make sure to check the box that you'll be using the codes for survey incentives to get started. When your account is approved after purchasing some codes, you'll receive confirmation and a survey incentive landing page link. txtMovies knows simple gratitude can go a long way!